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Christmas Light Services

Welcome to the Jeff's Christmas Light Services information page. We are the premier provider of Christmas Light installation services. Our goal is to provide the very best in Christmas light installations, maintainence, removal and in providing a high quality of lighting equipment, for your Christmas and Holiday season. Because our quality control standards are high, our new installers are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver the best service and quality of installation of your Christmas lighting at the highest level of expertise, while at a reasonable rate at that standard. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. Here is a summary list of our services.

Christmas Light installations

Professional installation of new commercial grade or domestic grade lights and supplies, including all electrical supplies, on your residential or commercial property.

Professional installation of the customers lights and supplies, including electrical supplies on your residential or commercial property, after inspection of your equipment to insure their safe operation.  Supplies older than three years will not be cost effective to insure reasonable maintenance during the season.

Customers may choose to order there own brand new Christmas lights and equipment through our companies suppliers and if this option is chosen will receive commercial grade lights and equipment that should last for at least seven to ten years, under normal circumstances.  However, commercial grade bulbs if not affected by some harsh weather, animal damage, vandalism or accidental damage by another source such as a vehicle, falling acorns, limbs, rocks, or projectiles, should last up to a maximum of 3,000 hours for commercial grade nickle base C9 type lights or 1,000 hours for domestic grade gold base C9 type lights.  This option would require the prepayment of the customers supplies and cost of shipping, along with a 15% surcharge for our ordering and delivery services.

Christmas Light Maintenance

Two free maintenance calls during the season are provided on every job!  Additional maintenance calls for repairs or bulb  replacement are available for local and out-of-town customers at a flat rate per call.  Maintenance may be a service you may need more or less depending on the age of your lights.

Leasing Services

Leasing lights and equipment can be less cost in maintenance, since leased lights are new condition lights and the customer will receive 6 free dry day maintenance calls plus all calls due to inclement weather.

*Lease customers may be given spare replacement bulbs to use in low or ground areas for simple bulb replacements, in order to conserve dry day maintenance calls for times that they are of necessity.

Christmas Light Removal

We will carefully but efficiently remove all your lights and decorations that we installed duing the Christmas season, in January or the new year in the order we installed your lighting job.  In some cases it will be removed sooner if a neighbor's lights were installed prior to yours, due to proximity of each other. 

All lights of the customer will be packed back into the customers tubs or containers or boxes that they supply us, in order to remove them from off the propery.  In some cases we are happy to help to move the boxes to your garage or attic or storage area at your home or business.

Christmas Light Storage

We mostly store our own lease lights for those customers who lease from us, however, if storage is an issue we may be able to accomodate storage for your lights at an agreeable charge, or arrangement.

Most customers who own their own lights, should store them in a cool, dry area preferrably on a shelf and off of the floor.  Plastic or cardboard tubs or boxes are suitable for their proper storage.



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