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Jeffrey and Mindy Kammerdiener - Owners

The History of our Business

Errands for All was started June 7, 2002, by Jeff and Mindy Kammerdiener. The first time that the idea of starting a personal delivery business occurred to Jeff was seven years earlier, in 1995.

While trying to develop business ideas, Jeff began to do some preliminary work on the idea of personal shopping, same-day delivery, and courier services for the East Texas area. Jeff had already decided that the business name would be Errands for All. One month later, Joan Hallmark of KLTV News 7, did an expose on a new business based somewhere near Tyler, Texas. While watching this expose, Jeff found that this business also specialized in running errands.  It was called Errands for You. Disappointed that he was once again too late with a good idea, he put it on the back burner for seven years.

In the aftermath of September 11th, and due to an ever-decreasing business clientele in Jeff's own business, Jeff's Professional Services (Jeff's Professional Gutter & Roof Cleaning Service, Sunshine-Clean Window Cleaners, and Jeff's Christmas Lights) and the slow establishment of his insurance sales career as a pre-need salesman, Jeff and Mindy began to look at past ideas for business start-ups. Remembering his seven-year-old idea of Errands for All, Jeff and Mindy began to develop and market their idea in the Longview, Texas, area.  Jeff looked for the other company in Tyler and found their assumed name still on the books at the county courthouse, but he could not find them in business anywhere in the East Texas area. It seemed that now Jeff and Mindy could begin their business with little or no competition in the market place.

The idea became a reality after several months of planning, marketing, and advertising. Jeff and Mindy invested all of their savings into the business. Slowly the customers began to call.  Errands for All had hoped to have many customers who would use them weekly.  This was not the case. Although many people supported this as a great idea, few people were interested  in letting a delivery service take care of their personal errands.  The occasional calls were not enough to keep Errands for All in business.  Sometimes Jeff and Mindy would be surprised by a call for an unusual request.   Their first customer asked them to pick up a box full of cats and take them to the pound. 

One and a half  years went by with hardly any good responses.  Then, in January of 2004, Jeff and Mindy received a call from a major airline looking for a new luggage delivery service for their local airport.  Three weeks later they were awarded the service agreement for the airline.   Then it started to happen.  Calls for errands began to come in from all over the country for document deliveries and the like. Debt collection firms called to have notices hand delivered.

Quickly Jeff and Mindy acquired the help of a well-known professor from the University of Louisiana in Monroe, Dr. Troy Kammerdiener,  Ph.D., who assisted them in getting their website up and running.  His assistance was invaluable!  It was not long before the website began to enable companies from all over the country to take advantage of the services of Errands for All. 

In March 2006, Jeff saw a demand at the East Texas Regional Airport for professional transportation services.  He began planning to offer an airport shuttle.  After investigating the opportunity, it became apparent that beginning this facet of the business would not be an easy task.  The City of Longview required taxi permitting if passengers would be picked up inside the city limits.  That meant taxi meters would need to be installed in the vehicles, and insurance would be more difficult to maintain.  It was decided that Errands for All would offer full taxi services as well.

Just think of it.  Errands for All is a professional business that will take you to run all of your personal errands or will do the work themselves!  Our professional staff also specializes in pharmacy deliveries, document or small package deliveries, and transportation to any East Texas location all in the same day!

Whether you are an individual seeking a little help for your time-consuming errands, or a large corporation needing full-time courier or transportation services, Errands for All welcomes your business and plans to fill all your delivery needs in a way that will bring total customer satisfaction.

Errands for all has expanded again and has opened up the ERRANDS FOR ALL AIRPORT SHUTTLE.  In March 2006, we began offering local transportation to hotels, businesses, and residences from the East Texas Regional Airport and back to Longview.  We also offer transportation to several other airports within a 150 mile radius, as well as taxi service to Longview and Kilgore, TX.  For reservations call :(903)720-2108.  

In the first quarter of 2008, Errands For All became Errands For All, LLC, and began opening up new markets of service to strengthen its customer base.  

Medical Transportation services were added for companies whose clients have a need for transportation to their doctor's appointments.

The Errands For All Airport Shuttle expanded its services to provide transportation to the DFW Airport in Dallas, TX, from the new Hampton Inn & Suites located in Longview, TX.  The shuttle runs Monday - Saturday by reservation and is closed on Sunday.

Tickets can be purchased on our website with a 5% handling fee, or you may pay cash at the van with a prior reservation.  Round trip tickets can also be purchased to guarantee a seat for your return trip (DFW Airport and Love Field round trips are not available, but we will be glad to provide one-way service).  Reservations are required, and a cancellation fee of $35 will be charged if your reservation is canceled 24 hours or less from the time of departure. 

All military personnel (and spouse) currently serving or on leave from the military may ride *free of charge on a stand-by basis (must show a current military I.D. and picture I.D.)  Spouse must accompany military passenger to receive a free seat.

(*This offer is only valid when the shuttle has paying passengers going to or from the airport.  A 24-hour prior reservation is required.)


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